Pilgrimage to Cuba: Nov. 17-25, 2018


Building upon relationships established during First Christian Church’s (FCC) inaugural trip to Cuba in 2016, members of FCC look forward to an opportunity to return to Cuba in November of 2018, this time forging closer connections to specific communities and partners affiliated with Global Ministries.

In particular, the 2018 pilgrims will join with two partners–Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba and Centro Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King (CMMLK), Jr.– embedding ourselves in their respective communities to share our time and talents in order to build ongoing, sustainable collaborations between members of the FCC church and the Cuban people.

The group is accepting donations to support multi-day art workshops aimed at youth and senior community members of CMMLK and neighboring church, Ebenezer Baptist.  Surplus funds will be directed to offset travel costs for the group as a whole.

The church has earmarked $8,000 in the 2018 annual budget to assist with travel expenses for the group. Cost per traveler is estimated at $2,000. FCC will cover approximately 33% of the travel expenses for the group. Our goal is to cover another 33% through fundraising activities.

Support FCC’s pilgrimage to Cuba. Donations are tax-deductible.

Support FCC's pilgrimage to Cuba