Gifts and Contributions

As Christian Stewards, we understand ourselves to be God’s trustees on earth called to care for all that is important to God. In keeping with this trust, we seek to prayerfully and faithfully manage our gifts of family, time, talent, energy, finances, and the wonderful bounty of the earth and its resources.

Opportunities for Giving

Individuals have a variety of opportunities to support the ministries of First Christian Church.

General offerings, collected on a weekly basis during worship, support the day-to-day ministries of the church, including worship and music, pastoral care, spiritual development, community and world outreach, and care of facilities.

In addition contributions “above and beyond” General Offerings support a variety of ministries that complement and supplement our day-to-day ministries. These include:

Building Fund gifts are used to help maintain the structural elements of the congregation’s facilities that provide comfortable and attractive space for worship, study, fellowship and mission.

The Permanent Fund was created as an endowment for First Christian Church in order to give members and friends the opportunity to make a lasting legacy to the ministry of Jesus Christ and the ministry of his church. Permanent Fund gifts often come through wills, bequests, and planned giving. This fund is administered by the Christian Church Foundation, Inc., and is guided by the church’s Permanent Fund Policy. The Fellowship of Legacy Builders was created as a witness to the belief and love of the church by those who include the church in their estate planning. It allows the church to gratefully recognize their commitment to our future and provides an opportunity to thank them for their unfailing generosity in Christ’s name. Furthermore, the acknowledgement of their choice becomes a testimony itself, inviting others to share in the joy and blessing of true Christian stewardship.

Designated Gifts are given in support of particular ministries. In the past, individuals have specified gifts to help fund youth mission trips, summer camp registration, landscaping projects, music ministries, local social service agencies, and many more. Gifts in memory of a loved one are often designated for a particular ministry.

Global Outreach First Christian Church has a historic commitment to supporting ministries of the church that reach beyond the local congregation and into the world. Each year, special offerings give individuals the opportunity to give “above and beyond” their regular offerings in support of the church in the world. Further information about our Special Offerings can be found on the Disciples Mission Fund Website.