For First-Time Visitors

What is a typical service like?

Our services tend to follow a similar format, or liturgy, each week. We begin with a call to worship, opening hymn, and opening prayer. Then we move on to the scripture-based portion of the service, which includes a children’s message, scripture reading, a choral anthem, and a sermon. After that we celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week with a communion service. We close each service with the Lord’s Prayer, a hymn, and a benediction.

What kind of music do you sing/play?

Most of our music would be described as traditional. We sing our hymns out of a standard hymnal (Chalice Hymnal), and most hymns are accompanied by our beautiful 47-rank Reuter pipe organ. At the same time, we also include a variety of acoustic music, played on the piano with accompanying instruments, such as oboe, violin, double-bass, etc. Our Sanctuary Choir leads us in singing and offers an anthem, or choral piece, each week. We also branch out into other types of music such as gospel, jazz, Taize, and traditional music from other parts of the world.

How do you celebrate communion?

The most notable attribute of our denomination is that we offer communion every week, and we welcome ALL to share in the Lord’s Supper with us, regardless of religious background or membership status. Communion is typically distributed to the congregation while they are seated. Our deacons stop by each row and pass the bread and wine (grape juice) down the row. For those with allergies, we offer gluten-free communion wafers and water as substitute for the grape juice. After taking a piece of bread a cup of juice, we all hold them and wait to take them together.

What should I wear to church?

Whatever makes you feel most comfortable! We have members who wear a dress or a suit and tie every week. Others feel more comfortable wearing “business casual,” while others prefer to dress casually in jeans or shorts. If you’re comfortable in what you decide to wear, you’ll fit right in at FCC.

What does FCC offer for my children during worship?

Childcare for small children and infants is available in the nursery from 8am until 12:15pm. We have two nursery attendants who will provide loving care to your little ones while you are in worship.

Each week we offer a children’s message near the beginning of the service. After this, children are invited to go downstairs for their own worship time. Children are always welcome to remain in the Sanctuary for our main worship service.

What types of accommodations does FCC offer for those with disabilities?

For access to our sanctuary, there is a wheelchair-accessible entrance on the Washington Street side of our building. For the visually impaired, we provide both our Sunday bulletin and hymnal in large-print versions. Seat cushions are available for those who have difficulty sitting on hard surfaces. We also offer electronic hearing assistance for those with hearing impairment. Simply ask one of our greeters for any of these items, and they will be most happy to assist you.

Where can I park?

Given our location in downtown Bloomington, parking can sometime be difficult to find quickly. On Sundays, street parking is free. Guests and visitors are invited to park in designated “Guest Parking” along the east alley of the church. There is also a public lot behind the church that offers free parking, although be sure to avoid “24-hour reserved” spots. Nearby bank parking lots are also free on Sundays. If you need handicap access to the building, you should park near the west side of the building and enter through the doors facing Washington Street.