Small Groups and Classes for Adults

At FCC, adults continue to meet in their small groups and classes via Zoom.  We encourage everyone to join at least one small group or class.  There are a variety of times and kinds of group—from Bible studies to short film-based devotionals to topical discussion groups—so there should be something for everyone! You can find a complete list of our fall classes and small groups below or you can download a pdf listing HERE.

It’s Time to Join a Small Group or Class at FCC!

Contact the group leaders or for Zoom  links


Learning Opportunities during Lent

Lenten Devotional Materials

We will be following a Lenten devotional called “Where Your Heart Is: An Illustrated Devotional.” This is a weekly devotional that includes a reflection on the scripture for the upcoming Sunday worship, spaces for coloring and doodling, and questions for reflection/discussion. You can order the hardcopy version of the devotional or we can email you a pdf version. Please contact Sarah Lynne Gershon if you would like to receive this material.

Faith, Film and Friends begins Lenten Film Study on Feb. 21

Beginning February 21st, FCC’s Faith, Friends & Film class will follow a 6-week film series entitled “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”. These films, with music and lyrics by The Brilliance, contain rich imagery of the paradox of life and death, beauty and fragmentation. They are the outer world’s symbology of what our inner world terrain often looks like. While we acknowledge that this includes apparent broken and befallen-ness, all of this exists in the encompassment of God’s wholeness. Each week we watch a film, and then discuss our response to it. Join us for deep exploration and sharing. Please contact Sarah Lynne Gershon if you are interested in joining.

Weekly Opportunities on Sundays

Sunday Meditation Group (spiritual practice)

This group practices silent meditation to cultivate peace and joy. Each session includes discussion of readings from teachers such as Thich Nhat Hahn, Richard Rohr, and others. No previous experience in mediation practice is required. Meets at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays via Zoom.

Leader: Tom Walsh

Faith, Friends & Films (discussion, spiritual practice)

When this group gathers, film sets the tone for diving deep into our shared faith journey. The dialogue begins with brief and engaging videos featuring modern theologians. In order to dig deeper into the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” this group is starting a 7-week film series on Sept. 20 called “Allegiance to Empire.” We meet Sundays at 11:15 a.m. via Zoom.

Leaders: Lisa Autry, Amy Hoover, and Sharon Robinson

Campbellite Class

Campbellite Class (study, discussion)

As thinking persons who love God and each other, we think together about how we should live as part of God’s family. This term our focus will be on “Living the Christian Life in a Time of Pandemic.” This class likes lively discussion as part of our lifelong learning. Join us Sundays at 11:15 a.m. via Zoom.

Leaders: Jane Watkins, Joe Lee, and Nancy Heimer

Contact Andi Fletcher for Zoom link

Bloomington Bible Study (study, discussion)

This group consists of young adults who are college-aged, but you do not need to be in college to attend. Everyone 18-30 is welcome! Pre-Pandemic FCC’s college ministry focused on studying with the Bible (this means that students were encouraged to bring homework to do while we discussed our weekly theme and how it relates to our faith journeys), but now everything has changed and we are figuring out the how’s and what’s of this group. Stayed tuned for the details coming soon and let us know if you want to get connected to whatever transpires. Time, Day and Forum TBD

Leader: Haley Norris

Groups Meeting Weekly

Contact the group leaders or for Zoom  links


Deeper Bible Study

Deeper Bible Study

This group engages FCC’s sermon series scriptures using the Deeper Bible Study method. The Deeper method keeps us on our toes, searching each text for relevance, guidance and inspiration, and allowing us to be honest when we don’t find what we expect. We welcome folks new to this Bible study method, as well as those who’ve tried it before, and are always interested in feedback from participants. The sermon series we are following this fall are: A Season of Creation (Sept), A Season of Courage (Oct), and A Season of Gratitude (Nov). Commit to one month or all three! We would love to dig into the Bible with you anytime!

Leaders: Debbie White, Elma Jessen and Connie Myers

Groups Meeting Monthly

Contact the group leaders or for Zoom  links.

Book Bunch (for women)

This fun group of readers gathers every five weeks to discuss books from a variety of genres. We typically meet on a Thursday at 4:00 pm via Zoom. A booklist with meeting dates and locations is available in the church office and online.

Leader: Betsy Watson

Voices of Faith

Voices of Faith

A network of Disciples Women, Voices of Faith strives to dialogue, educate, and advocate as we do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. The group is now reading White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and is supporting voter registration initiatives. Via its mailing list, VoF shares calls to action that support legislation, cooperation with civic groups, and responses to community issues and concerns. We meet monthly on third Saturdays, 9:30-11:00 am via Zoom.

Leaders: Sandy Bate, Susan Fettchenhauer, Judith Olmsted


Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

This group of moms gathers on the first Wednesday of each month to embrace the journey of motherhood. Whether you are a soon-to-be mom, an adoptive mom, young mom, seasoned mom, foster mom, stepmom or any other type of mom, you are welcome to join us! Learn more on our Facebook page: @fccbloomingtonmops.

Led by Andrea Dalton